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Software Releases

Firmware updates

CR-100 CR-200, CR-110

Version 1.36

Released on: 18-Jul-2018 ()

  • Improved repetability when measuring high luminance values from HDR displays.

CR-250 CR-250-RH, CR-250-FP, CR-250-IR

Version 1.34

Released on: 24-May-2017 ()

  • Added support for Sync Modes NTSC, PAL and CINEMA
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect reporting of the error "Variable light level" when speed setting was Fast or 2x Fast
  • Minor improvements and optimizations.

Software updates

CRI Installer

Select the file according to your operating system from the list below to get the latest CRI Installer for your computer.
The installer packages include CRI App, Colorimeter Utility, Software manual, Remote communication manual, USB Driver (Windows only), SDK


Version 1.4.13
  • Updates to High DPI support.
  • Updated installer.

Windows 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64):

Version 1.4.13 for Windows

Released on: 31-Oct-2018

MacOS 64 bit:

Version 1.4.13 for Mac

Released on: 31-Oct-2018

Standalone Windows Driver Installation

32/64 bit: Version 1.2 for Windows

Released on: 9-Jan-2015

Data Files

CR-100 Matrix Calibrations

Download the latest Matrix Calibrations for your CR-100

CR-100 Matrix Calibration

Last updated: 22-Nov-2016

Color Matching Functions

Download custom color matching functions for your CR-250 or CR-300

CIE Judd-Vos 1978

CIE 2006